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Business consulting

In the fast lane with the right processes

As specialists in multilingual communication, we look back on many years of practical experience: No two orders are the same. Our customers' corporate cultures, purposes and communication styles are too different. We have seen that imprecise or missing specifications drive up costs, lead to misunderstandings and errors and put partners and customers off.

In order to fully exploit potential within the company, we offer you expert advice that considers and optimises communication in the entire environment. This affects not only the technical editing or translation departments, but also other departments such as marketing, engineering or sales. This is the only way to achieve sustainable results.

We advise you on how to evaluate the priorities of cost, quality and time. The professional ethics of business consultants are particularly important to us: We work independently and offer you approaches that represent the optimal solution for you, uninfluenced by a single manufacturer.

Our quality standards: Your benefit

  • Expertise and knowledge from a single source
  • Holistic approach utilises synergies from all areas
  • Independent expert for tools you really need
  • Personal and individual advice tailored to your needs

Our USP: We create added value

  • Unambiguous communication: So everybody knows what you mean
  • Automated word processing – available in several languages
  • Knowledge transfer and management: "Data is the new gold"
  • Bottom line: long-term cost reduction 

text-it consulting services include

  • Strategy and process consulting – starting with and empowering the people behind the tools
  • Using key figures to control the information compilation process and manage quality
  • Conceptualisation – the right frame for every occasion



  • Phrasing patterns, text modules (topics), rules for safety and warning notices, graphics and navigation concepts, structure and organisation of information
  • Translation-orientated text creation
  • Support for software implementation projects such as content management systems, translation software, terminology management, machine translation and automation solutions

Our consulting services for prospective language service providers

Do you want to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of language and help shape a dynamic and sustainable professional field? Would you like to put your language skills to good use and generate value?

You are on the right side with our consulting service for prospective language service providers!

Our scope of consultation

Holistic communication

Many steps in the documentation process can be standardised and automated. However, technical communication is not an assembly line job, but a fluid process. The technical editorial office is an information hub. The individual pieces from engineering, marketing, sales and service must be harmonised and communicated to the outside world in a suitable form. Managed and maintained accordingly, documentation becomes a hub for knowledge management in the company and part of the value chain.


Reasons for getting in touch with us

  • You want to optimise your documentation and set it up efficiently.
  • You want to reduce your translation costs or improve quality.
  • You want to introduce machine translation.
  • You want to introduce a software solution.

We analyse your communications landscape, taking your corporate strategy into account. Which departments are involved? Which products and languages are to be considered? We find out where the shoe pinches the most and set up key figures as a tool for internal strategic argumentation, e.g. for controlling. We decide on the destination together.

Then we set off on our journey. Starting from the current state, we look at the target vision: What is going well, what would you like to change, what is still missing, what do you need? Based on this, we formulate criteria, work out use cases and develop implementation concepts for graphics, text elements and navigation. If a software solution is appropriate, we start working on the action plan and obtain quotations from the manufacturers.

Equipped with our action plan, we set about implementing it. Together, we select the system and implement the software (together with the manufacturer or an IT consultant), transfer data and configure interfaces. With workshops and training courses, we ensure that those involved learn how to use the system independently. If necessary, we will guide you on your first steps.

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