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We let technology speak for itself!

text-it Produktdokumentation GmbH is a team of technical writers, translators and partners. We have been providing efficient and proven solutions for your multilingual communication for more than 15 years.

We write, translate and edit all publications relating to your products so that your customers can use them easily, quickly and safely. 

With our holistic view of technical communication, our focus on text and our consistent specialisation, we are your experienced partner for comprehensible and appealing documentation.

In a personal and long-term partnership with our customers, we tackle challenges together and lead projects to success.

History with a future

Our managing director, Claudia Hagendorfer, founded text-it Produktdokumentation in 2007 out of her enthusiasm for technical communication. True to the motto that technical documentation can in fact be reader-friendly and worth reading, we wanted to awaken this commitment to compact, clear documentation in both customers and users.

Our success proved us right. Since its founding, text-it has seen a steady increase in business volume and continuous expansion of its business segments.

The expertise, reliability and dedication of the company meant that it kept growing, and in 2012 needed to move into a new office space as the individual enterprise transformed into the top-performing text-it Produktdokumentation GmbH.

Our company has cooperated with customers throughout Europe, mainly from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, measuring and testing technology, aerospace, consumer products, hardware and software, as well as telecommunications.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to our long-standing customers!

A mission for your benefit

The mission statement of text-it has always been to act as an intermediary between technicians and users and to convey technical facts clearly, comprehensibly and efficiently.

Communication is not a clearly regulated one-way street. It is diverse, creative and subjective – in other words, a multi-lane road with oncoming traffic. Conveying information is sometimes a matter of taste and style. Language is often a source of misunderstandings. The interfaces to users and translators can sometimes be confusing. Some pieces of information tend to go into the wrong direction.

Our team is a key factor in preventing information loss. Qualified and highly motivated, our employees maintain an overview even in rough terrain. The intensive dialogue between our technical writers, translation managers, partners and vendors sharpens the focus on problems and raises the right questions.

This mission guides us every day in our search for creative solutions. We actively broaden our horizons and keep our fingers on the pulse of technical communication for you.

Customer satisfaction is a priority at text-it

Even with our years of experience, there’s no slowing down for us. We are constantly developing our expertise. We track and analyse trends to offer our customers the best solutions for their individual needs.

Rapid developments in the world of technology, and the opportunities that a technical writer has to convey these on paper make technical communication into an engine that never stands still. With our in-depth knowledge of processes and workflows, we reliably realise small and large projects on schedule.

Include us in your future challenges, so that we can grow together. The text-it team actively supports you with their recommendations, creativity and well thought-out implementation options for all aspects of technical product documentation.

Because we enjoy communicating technical information!