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Technical editing

Conveying technical content in an appealing way

We know what makes good documentation and how to achieve it. With our many years of expertise in various specialised areas, we create an efficient workflow for your multilingual documentation – within a realistic time and cost framework.

When writing technical content, we attach great importance to the sustainable processing of texts. We prefer a balanced text-to-image layout ratio for clear communication with the target group. Quality management plays a central role in all work steps.

We have extensive experience in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, information and communications technology (ICT), measurement technology, consumer goods as well as hardware and software. We use our wide-ranging expertise to create added value for you. In addition: We travel the vast land of technology with constant curiosity. 

Our quality standards: Your benefit

  • Short response times and personal support from our staff
  • Timely completion of documentation thanks to optimised processing times
  • Consistent quality based on long-term collaboration and specified processes
  • Better user experience through user-friendly preparation and provision
  • Time and cost savings through standardisation and the use of smart tools

Our USP: We create added value

  • Customer satisfaction through professional communication – the value of your product increases
  • Change of perspective – our outside view enhances your strategic outlook
  • Our entire network is at your disposal – all services including all required target languages, conveniently from a single source

text-it documentation services include

of process manuals, editorial guidelines, style guides, text/graphics/linking concepts

Text creation
Operating and instruction manuals, installation guides and manuals, service manuals, data and supplementary sheets, spare parts lists, parts lists, spare parts catalogues, product catalogues, training documents, technical marketing, sales documents, packaging texts

Photo editing, vector graphics, pictograms, hotspots, textless manuals

Desktop publishing
Setting up templates and creating documentation with common content management systems, layout programs (FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress), graphics programs (Illustrator, Photoshop) and other programs (MS Word, RoboHelp, Captivate)

Compliance with regulations and standards
Documentation analysis, standards-related research (MO, EN 82079, S1000D)

Quality assurance
Content reviews, foreign-language editing, legal compliance checks, risk management

Publication and content delivery
PDF, online help, interactive HTML, utility film, iiRDS

Additional services
S1000D-compliant documentation
Customised solutions for file conversion and digitalisation

Focus on texts

We focus on texts since the best tool is only as good as the editor working with it.
In our experience, technical writers look to software to solve all their problems. However, neither the cost savings nor the quality of the documentation ends up satisfactory. The why is easy to explain. The root of the problem is the text. That is why our focus is on the actual craft – conveying technical content.


Regardless whether it is an individual project or full-service outsourcing, we value each project equally and are known for our punctual delivery times. We support you on- or off-site in an advisory capacity, create templates, update existing documentation, write and revise texts or support you as (foreign-language) proofreaders.

To ensure high quality right across the board, we check your documentation for compliance with regulations and standards (for instance: EN 82079, ISO 20607, ISO 26514) and with regard to technical writing principles (completeness, consistency with a focus on comprehensibility, translation-oriented writing, text structure).

Send us your texts for a documentation check.

We work with you to determine your specific requirements based on your product and corporate culture. Through analysis and planning, we create the basis for structured, comprehensible product documentation that conforms to standards. We design a workflow for the documentation project within a realistic time and cost framework.

When writing technical content, we attach great importance to the modular and sustainable processing of texts. Standardisation is the building block for optimising your technical editing, successfully introducing a content management system or implementing single source publishing.

We focus on personalised instructions. The level of technicality, depth of description and style vary depending on the target group. Our approach of using simple, short and concise language is always effective, however, that does not mean that technical writing is easy.

With our many years of expertise in the translation sector, we incorporate consistent and translation-oriented writing and thus contribute to lean costs for your multilingual communication.

We prefer a balanced text-to-image layout ratio for clear communication with the target group. We create technical illustrations and put screenshots or photos in the right light. By integrating multimedia options such as utility films, animations or e-learning elements, we appeal to users on different channels. When it comes to media-compatible content processing, the course is set for digitalisation.

We are not only at home in the world of texts, we also have experience in the magical world of file formats. Whether MS Word, FrameMaker, InDesign, XML or HTML, our editorial team can handle all common formats. Even if the content takes centre stage, the visual appearance must not be neglected. Functional design supports the content and is the common thread that guides the user. Presenting technical documentation in an appealing way is not only enjoyable, but also an easy way to make your product more user-friendly.

We make no compromises in implementing normative requirements. User manuals must not only be factually correct, but also fulfil standards. The safety of people has top priority. Similarly, systems, machines, devices and data need to be protected against misuse. That is why we are active contributors to Austrian Standards and support you in matters of legal certainty. We adapt our documentation in accordance with relevant type A, B, or C standards as well as guideline requirements. After a thorough risk assessment, we formulate corresponding safety and warning messages.

As long-standing documentation professionals, we are aware that the quality of documentation is measured by the customer. Quality management is always included in our processes. Quality assurance ranges from proofreading and technical reviews to foreign-language QA loops. We draw up checklists and develop automated query routines. Last but not least, we check whether the documentation fulfils the relevant standard specifications.

Dusty and space-consuming paper files are a thing of the past. The digital provision of user manuals in time and on demand is state of the art. This does not just mean PDF, but mobile documentation with all its advantages: flexible access from different devices, a search function for quickly finding the relevant information, and metadata for the needs-based provision of content (iiRDS). Not only end customers, but also your own employees and service technicians will be delighted. We take care of publication for you, from print to mobile.

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