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Multimedia publishing

Digitised content for smart information

Do you want your customers to use your product safely and correctly, and reduce the workload of your customer-service employees? Do you want to convey knowledge in the sufficient quantities, and have everything ready to go already in the distribution phase? Then we have something for you: multimedia publishing.

Digital technologies offer a wide range of possibilities for communicating technical content. You can use text and images in the form of (3D) graphics, photos, animations, screencasts or videos to present complex issues. The media mix is supported by interactive elements and flexible output options. This allows you to address every target group directly.

Single source is the keyword for multi-channel publishing: Maintain and operate different output media from a single source of information. Content management systems support you in the systematic reuse of standardised texts and enable output in a wide variety of formats.

Our quality standards: Your benefit

  • Safe application of your products and services through the combined use of different media
  • Sustainable and reusable content through modularisation 
  • Low maintenance effort thanks to centrally managed content – basis for knowledge management
  • Short response times and a maximum range for digital publications – updates at the push of a button
  • Versatile areas of application: as sales support in pre-sales, as a basis for maintenance and repair in the service area and after-sales or as training material and e-learning

Our USP: We create added value

  • Customer contact through interactive feedback loops, integration of social media and analytic tools
  • Cross-media publishing available on desktop, web, laptop, smartphone, SPS and in print
  • Translation costs under control

text-it publishing services include

Tool selection
We support you in choosing your content management system or other software and accompany you throughout the entire process of transforming your documentation.

File conversion
We convert MS Word, FrameMaker, XML and HTML and create an automated publishing environment for your technical content.



Automation of processes
We work with you to develop solutions for redundant work steps and individual company requirements and optimise your documentation landscape.

We create layout templates, clean up formats and take care of CSS preparation.

Content delivery
We ensure a successful content delivery that stands the test of time.

The power of digital transformation

The principles for the creation of technical documentation also apply to multimedia publishing. Who is the target audience? What content needs to be prepared, in what detail and in what format? In a company, this complex task pertains to the technical editing department – supported by software. A system that can take care of everything does not (yet) exist. Sometimes the real game changers are little “helpers” that reduce click work. Finding the optimal result for everyone involved is a balancing act that we are happy to tackle.


With you we develop a powerful toolkit for your interactive documentation:

  • Leave comments directly in the HTML – Collaboration
  • Fill in, save and archive checklists
  • Faceted search – narrow down search results with filters
  • Hotspots on 3D objects for targeted localisation
  • Integrated helpers – e.g. calculator for required cable lengths during installation
  • Automated transfer of parts lists to the documentation

Do you regularly get lost in your own documentation? Modularisation is the solution you are looking for. Simplify text design and processing by defining building blocks. Depending on the level of detail, individual text elements can be reused – an important step towards professionalisation with the help of a content management system.

In times of digitalisation, there is an increasing demand for interactive publications. Impatient web users want to skim texts on smartphones and mobile devices for the descriptions they are looking for (scanning/skimming). It is time for a modern publication strategy. Make your information available digitally. Ultimately, the future of documentation lies in the ability to rapidly retrieve the desired content.

You want to unlock the full potential of your documentation landscape? Then a content delivery system is the right choice for you. Whether for internal or external purposes: Content creation has to go hand in hand with an adequate and modern form of presentation. On a content delivery portal, you can show off your accumulated wealth of knowledge. This quickly turns raw content into the information you are looking for.

Digitalisation has long since caught up with PDF. HTML and multichannel communication are in demand. The future is clean XML formatting. This step can be carried out either via a content management system or via a customised solution for file conversion and multimedia publishing with configured tools and scripts. With our plug-in solutions, you can even use MS Word as an editor and still be at the forefront of cross-media across your organisation.

Because you read with your eyes: We “dress up” your texts appropriately. We create layout templates that are suitable for multimedia and translation, including CSS preparation for the respective end devices. Our media concept includes various design elements for content pages (such as logo, header, footer, side bar, buttons), takes into account sensible navigation options (links, breadcrumb navigation, anchor navigation) and guides the user through the (semantic/full-text) search.

No matter if you are dealing with a content management system or individual forms of publication: Publishing requires precise planning and corresponding experience. Depth of information, user behaviour, UX writing, and media types are not just buzzwords, but important elements in a holistic concept.

Usability is a top priority for you. But users still don't know their way around? And your own customer service staff might also need some support? Then e-learning is a topic for you. The possibilities for communicating content are wide-ranging and include animations, tutorials, screencasts, utility films and gamification. Together with our partners, we ensure clear communication.

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