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Technical translations

Successful worldwide communication with clients and partners

Our technical translations are based on the precise interaction of all project participants. Only selected and experienced specialised translators work on your texts. You benefit from the expertise of our qualified translation managers at the crucial interfaces. Our technical writers contribute their practical knowledge to your requirements.

We use translation memory systems to ensure consistent and reusable texts. This enables us to process all common layout and exchange formats. Carefully created layouts are maintained, and as the database grows, translations become faster and cheaper. The result is a smooth translation process and high quality standards. 

With our ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certification, we are a competent partner for high-quality, on-time translation services in line with international standards.

Our quality standards: Your benefit

  • Certification in accordance with the ISO 17100 and 18587 quality standards
  • All our translators are native speakers with appropriate training or professional qualifications 
  • Two-party-inspection policy (two-man-rule): Proofreading by a second linguist
  • Reliable deadlines thanks to many years of collaboration with our regular translators
  • Experienced handling of a wide variety of file formats and tasks

Our USP: We create added value

  • Optimisation of source texts through translation-ready pre-editing and documentation analysis
  • Delivery ready for publication: Layout checks and adjustments by our specialised editors
  • Evaluation system in accordance with SAE J2450 as a key figure and measurement tool for translation quality

text-it translation services include

  • Technical translations with CAT tools (Trados, memoQ)
  • Machine translation (MT), pre- and post-editing (PE)
  • File conversions, parsing, scripting, data migration
  • Terminology management, alignment, TM maintenance
  • Audio-visual translations (subtitling, voice-over, dubbing, transcription)
  • Localisation and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • DTP service (InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, Illustrator)
  • Transcreation
  • Notarised translations
  • Placement of interpreters

Specialisation is key

We don't believe in having too many irons in the fire, which is why we specialise in technical translations. We see ourselves as translators between man and machine and mediate between technicians and users. We ensure that information reaches foreign-language readers in a targeted manner and without misunderstandings. We focus on this complex task and thus let your products and services speak for themselves confidently on international markets.


We are definitely the right people when it comes to translating the following user information: 

  • User manuals
  • Operating panel and control texts, user interface texts
  • Parts lists, spare parts lists
  • Construction drawings
  • Data sheets, catalogues, work instructions
  • Specifications, tender texts
  • (Technical) marketing documents, company presentations on websites
  • Employee magazines, newsletters, blog posts
  • Annual reports, contracts, job advertisements, quotations, general terms and conditions

The quality of a translation is determined the source text. Various factors are decisive in ensuring that a text can be translated "easily": short and concise sentences with a clear message and unambiguous references, the use of modular text segments or the consistent use of abbreviations, proper names and units of measurement. As a technical writing agency, we have honed our eye for the problem areas in a wide variety of text types. We use this pre-editing lens to examine your texts.

Are your texts filed as .xml, .html, .idml, .mif, .svg, .docx, .xlxs or .ts, .ai etc.? No problem for us. We work with all standard word processing and layout programs. If necessary, we work with parsers so that the content can be processed adequately by our CAT tools. In addition to the body text, we also check all translation-relevant content from graphics, tables, comments, fields, etc. This ensures that nothing is overlooked during the translation. If the source text is only available in the ever-popular PDF format, we use OCR software.

Consistency is key for the recognition value and correct use of your products. Without standardised terms, translations become a financial pitfall. Terminology is a must-have so that there are no comprehension problems at word level. We always offer a glossary as a starting point if there is no termbase yet. We update it continuously and make it available to you as an Excel sheet for further use.

Our terminology service includes: identifying relevant terms using automated term extraction, adding useful information and integrating it into a termbase for quality assurance. If required, we can go one step further towards ontology and support you with subject classification and indexing. And not just for German – we serve all languages with the help of our partners.

No translation leaves our office unchecked. Together with you, we determine which type of quality check makes the most sense for your product and use case– proofreading or editing, final editing in the layout, correction loops for texts without context (e.g. control texts). We check fully and semi-automatically whether the terminology has been adhered to, all numbers are in place and spelling rules and specifications from style guides have been complied with. Compliant with ISO 17100, of course.

The language industry has seen a revolution in recent years – whereas the first outputs of machine translation (MT) were not acceptable, the engines are now well trained and deliver usable results. text-it is the first Austrian translation agency to be certified according to the ISO 18587 standard for post-editing.

The advantage of machine translation is that it is both time-saving and more cost-effective. Sophisticated terminology and a trained post-editor raise machine translation to the level of human translation. Some texts are more, some less suitable for machine translation. We advise you on data security and how you may benefit most from MTPE.

Transcription is the tried and tested way of turning spoken words into text form. Today, in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and its possibilities, such as digital voice assistance, transcription is taking on a new role. Transcribed content can be used to train machines so that you can talk to them "normally".

If you would like to carry out text-to-speech or speech-to-text projects, we are your experienced partner. We design interview guidelines, create transcription rules, coordinate the teams and transcribe the audio recordings or add sound to display texts. Monolingual and multilingual, of course.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an integral part of the World Wide Web. Today's search engines are intelligent and by learning continuously, they find the ideal results for every user group. With SEO, texts are specifically adapted and enriched with keywords to increase the visibility of your website. We help you to optimise your web presence. We take your business area, your target groups and your content into account. Your company will stand out from the crowd and the customer journey of your international customers will lead to you.

Different cultural norms and customs apply depending on the target market. This has an impact on your market presence. In these cases, a mere translation is often not sufficient. The aim is to adapt individual elements (layout, colours, units of measurement and time, spelling of numbers, graphics) or even text content to the target culture. We support your transfer to new cultural areas, so that your services leave the desired impression everywhere and usability is maintained.

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