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On the cutting edge with multimedia publishing

Do you want your customers to use your product safely and correctly, and reduce the workload of your customer-service employees? Do you want to convey knowledge cost-efficiently and with swift response times, and have everything ready to go in the distribution phase? Then we have something for you: multimedia publishing.

Multimedia publishing opens up channels for spreading information with new and widely applicable options – both for the preparation of complex technical issues and in terms of media formats. With text-image combinations, 3D graphics, animation, screencasts, and e-learning utility films, complex products speak for themselves and the output media are flexible: from desktop applications and online help to mobile communication with tablets and smartphones.

Come with us into the future: in HTML5-base with responsive design, multimedia publishing reaches devices with all display sizes and all operating systems, thereby increasing the range of your digital publications. Read more...

Our quality standards offer you advantages:

  • Short distribution times and a maximum range for your digital publications – updates at the push of a button
  • Correct and safe use of your products through the combined use of various media
  • Wide range of applications: from e-learning and service industry to the pre-sales phase
  • Customer contact through interactive feedback loops, integration of social media and analytic tools
  • Text-free and language-neutral publications reduce translation costs
  • Cross media available on the web, on a laptop, smart phone, PLC or as a native or hybrid app

text-it documentation services include:

  • Utility films (HTML5, Flash)
  • Screencasts, software simulation, e-learning
  • Animation
  • 3D representations
  • Online help
  • Native or hybrid app

Customer satisfaction is our priority.
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