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ISO 17100 certification

text-it is proud to have earned the ISO 17100 certification – our services comply with international standards

Multilingual texts are a fundamental part of our daily work. In getting the ISO 17100 certification we took an active step and and proved that quality is not just an empty phrase to us. As a service provider for technical translations, we decided to put ourselves to the test. And: we passed with flying colours!

No other sector is as international as the translation industry, and so it makes sense to create a global standard. In May 2015, the internationally recognised ISO 17100 certification replaced the previous EN 15038 standard. The certification specifies a framework for the creation of translations, and defines a uniform international quality standard.

As a translation service provider, we take a number of measures to achieve reliably consistent and high-quality translations for our customers:

  • Trained and competent project managers
  • Translators and proofreaders with relevant qualifications
  • Consistent two-party-inspection policy (two-man-rule)
  • Expert review for particularly demanding texts
  • Layout review by experienced technical editors before delivery
  • Continuous training of all partners and employees
  • Secure and confidential handling of client information
  • Use of professional translation software tools
  • Terminology management for consistent translations
  • TM maintenance and follow-up on translator and customer feedback

Our strength lies in our selected and experienced translation partners around the world, who actively support us and in doing so contributed to our prompt certification. A big thank you to you all!

Our ISO 17100 international standard certification proves that we are a reliable and long-term partner for our clients.